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A lot of people dream about buying property and real estate in Mexico. Many from North America, attracted by the laid-back lifestyle and great weather choose to spend at least part of the winter here, but the majority will put off their purchase until they have retired. However there are very good reasons for anyone looking to buy a retirement or buy to let property here to buy now.

The country is rated as one of the top retirement destinations in the world, and it is able to offer a high standard of medical care which is extremely affordable when compared to other more developed countries. International flight connections are improving all the time, as is the infrastructure.

Property here is extremely affordable, and it’s possible to buy luxury beachfront apartments for a very good price. The cost of living here is still pretty low, and it’s possible to have an excellent standard of living for little money, which makes this country extremely attractive.

In addition more and more tourists are coming to Mexico, and one of the up-and-coming cities is Tulum, which is on the Caribbean side of the country and according to Conde Nast, it has the best beach in the world, while TripAdvisor rated it number two. It is also home to a nature sanctuary which is a 1.3 million acre UNESCO world Heritage site.

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